You have the option for a 60 or 90 minute outdoor portrait session with nature as your backdrop - Living in Chico, California we have lots of options to choose from. If you have some place special in mind, let's make it happen!

I aim to capture your energy & little moments over poses.

35 Minute Session

Includes 35 minutes of shooting time

all necessary editing and processing of your images

10 high resolution digital images


Session Fee : $300


60 Minute Session

Includes 60 minutes of shooting time

all necessary editing and processing of your images

15 high resolution digital image downloads


Session Fee : $350


90 Minute Session

Includes 90 minutes of shooting time

all necessary editing and processing of your images

30 high resolution digital image downloads


Session Fee : $450

Our most popular session!


  1. You'll reserve your portrait session by selecting a date and paying 50% of your session fee - the remainder of your session fee + additional digital files (if requested) will be invoiced when the gallery is ready for download.
  2. We'll connect in your desired way (video chat, grabbing a cup of coffee, phone call, text or email ) to discuss important pieces of your session & if there is anything unique about your session you'd like to include, I'm always available to answer any questions you have pre-session
  3. Photo day - Start the day making yourself feel good - take the time to get ready slowly, do things that make your heart happy and then let the magic happen! ✨ Just show up and let your soulshine come through!
  4. Your gallery of proofs will be delivered within 1 week - these images will not be fully edited but will give you the ability to select the images you love most and then I'll make final edits! Of course, I'll give you a couple sneak peeks the next day because who can wait a whole week?!
  5. Within 1 week of finalizing your selection , I'll send the final invoice to be paid covering the remainder of the session fee + any additional image downloads. Once paid, we will provide access to the fully edited final gallery where you will be able to download the high resolution images from your session!
  • You will also have the option to order physical prints through us because lets be real, these images deserve to be enjoyed in physical form and not just left in a desktop folder or on your cell phone 😉


What should I wear?

A.First and foremost - confidence and comfort comes through and creates the authentic images you desire - so wear whatever it is that makes you feel most like you.

Be careful with bright colors and patterns ( if this is what makes you feel most like you though, by all means - we'll work with it ) - just be warned that if the sun is out and shining the colors can bounce from your shirt to your skin and make for some strange hints of color.

Adding a jacket, sweater or layer of some sort is a fun way to add some variety to the images we're taking while adding interest - textures, too!

Wearing a dress or a material that flows adds playful energy into your images if that is desired!

Can I bring my friends/family?

A.ABSOLUTELY ! Having friends and family with you can often make you feel comfortable and bring out true expressions - however please be upfront with them if you think you'd prefer to just have one or two people with you.

Please remember this session is all about YOU - I'm happy to capture a photo or two of you with your important people but the focus will remain on your session. If you'd like to do a group session, that is always an option as well!

Can I extend the session on the day of?

A.We only schedule 1 outdoor portrait session per day to ensure that you have our time and attention on the day of your shoot - if you scheduled a 60 minute session and would like to extend to a 90 minute session - we'll simply invoice you after!

(Invoice would be an additional $100 for additional time & images included in the 90 minute package)

You created a pinterest board with ideas...

A.Please share your pinterest board with me! While I love focusing on "in the moment" photos - it is always fun to have an idea of what you're drawn to! Please note that these images do not influence my editing style but helps provide pose inspiration that you're drawn to.

What if I need to reschedule?

A.Totally understand that things come up - we get sick, we get break outs on our face, family emergencies come up, etc.

Sickness - please call or email me as soon as you have an inkling that you wont feel up to a session - no reason to push through, the images wont feel like you if you're not feeling well , lets reschedule!

Blemishes & Injuries - while my editing style doesn't include altering the vessel you've been given - I understand that a pimple on the middle of you cheek can make you feel nervous! Send me a photo of what your concerns are and we can evaluate if the blemishes are in a place that would be easy to correct in post editing or if rescheduling would be a better option.

Please note that I am open to rescheduling a session if a urgent situation arises - However, I ask that you respect that I've set aside that day/time to accommodate your session and ask that you only reschedule if absolutely necessary.

Weather Concerns :

A.Rain : while rain doesn't scare me - it isn't typically what you're looking for or thinking of for a session, SO if there is more than a 50% chance of rain in the forecast the day before your session - I will be in contact about your preferences!

Wind : If the wind is above 15mph, I'll touch base also. Wind can create unflattering hair and cause folks to feel frazzled and less in "flow" which can result in unnatural feeling photos.

How long is my gallery available for?

A.Your gallery will be online for 10 days - we make this window short on purpose ... to ensure that you download your images somewhere safe!

Don't worry we'll send you e-mails throughout the time to remind you!

I suggest saving your images in two places - one virtually and one copy on a physical hard drive.

I've booked but want to cancel :

A.Canceling your session vs. rescheduling will result in 50% refund of your session if paid in full - the deposit is held as a non-refundable retainer to cover holding the session date & time spent coordinating.