Client Name

Business Name - Their Title

Personal Branding Package

COST : $___.__

Date : June 2, 2023 around 6:45pm (will confirm as time gets closer)

Location :

Goal : Create imagery that reflects her personality and philosophies that will allow her to market her business and demonstrate proper alignment practices


  • Full personal usage rights - Full digital marketing usage rights to promote your services/business
  • Photographer has right to use images on website & social media platforms to promote their work
  • Client should expect a 45 minute shoot with a return of 20-25 edited images
  • Turn around time for online gallery to download images is within 7 business days of the shoot date
  • Client will receive all edited images as high resolution downloads
  • Please do not add filters or edit final images - if you're unhappy with the edits, please reach out to me. It is important to me that the images reflect my personal style (pretty true to color, "a moment in time" style)



Reminder :

I. Outfit + Colors

Picking an outfit or two that make you feel most like you - comfort is the highest priority & will help with feeling confident. Being that we will be outdoors, earthy tones or rustic-inspired outfits could complement the farmstead. Try to steer away from busy patterns and logos/words on shirts.

Thinking about colors that you might want to use in your branding and and we can see if we can incorporate those through clothing or props might be fun!

II. Props + Areas

Take the time to gather some things you might want to have in your photos, a specific chair for posture demonstrations - flowers, a hat, gardening tools, a journal - anything you can think of that you would want reflected in the images .

Create a mental list of places on your property that you feel connected to that you might want to capture images in - this will help us navigate during the shoot! :)

You're welcome to invite anyone to join us during the photoshoot who would make you feel most like yourself, who might make you giggle or laugh and help create a level of comfort. If you'd prefer it is just us, that is lovely too! So looking forward!

  • Portraits of you that showcase your spirit - calm, radiant, giving
  • Daily embodiment walk : images of you exploring your property at sundown , mindful moments (flowers, tending to plants)
  • Teachable moments : how to sit in a chair (non-embodied vs embodied)
  • I noticed in a few images you have online, you're wearing a gardening hat - I love this as an accessory, if it feels good to you!
  • If there are any items that we could use to add movement, play - invoking those emotions translate to fun, alignment = creates freedom of movement