Hi, I'm Courtney!

The multi-passionate creative behind Bright Side Photography Co.

  1. I'll never turn down the chance to go watch the sunrise or the sunset - count me in.
  2. Music is and will always be something that brings my soul to life - it is just something that pulses through me!
  3. I'd choose garlic bread over dessert ANY day. Without hesitation.
  4. I have a desire to live a fully creative life, to support myself through my art and support others in their pursuit of sharing their magic with the world!
  5. I pour beer for a week every summer at the best music festival on the planet, my happy place, High Sierra Music Festival. Cheers🍻

An artist through and through...

I am not only a photographer but I also create sterling silver jewelry!

One of the most rewarding choices I've made as an artist was choosing into creating wearable art. I absolutely love watching the process of a piece evolve over HOURS of creating it to watch someones energy completely shift and ignite the moment they put the piece of jewelry on that called their name!

It is my honor to be able to offer any jewelry that is on my website for clients to wear during their shoots (and yes, you'll get a discount on those pieces, if you choose to purchase them!) Reach out if you have any questions about this process.