Living in a small town means there are often moments where connecting with someone comes full circle. This is one of those moments.

I first met Marisa YEARS ago when she purchased a pair of earrings from me when I was in the first few years of business as Bright Side Jewelry Co. and because we both lived in the same town - we made arrangements to meet up so I could deliver her earrings in person and save her shipping costs!

Over the years, I have watched Marisa turn her love for art into a business and it is an honor to witness another creative and their devotion to her craft as it overflows into our community!

When she shared she was going to be offering this class I knew I wanted to help document it - reflecting the magic of creatives back to them is one of my favorite things! I had so much fun capturing the excitement, the awe and the joy that filled the room as she taught others how to carve their own design into a linoleum block and print them in class. Watching the blocks start as blank slates and turn into 15 unique pieces of art was so fun to witness!

Stoble Workplace was a beautiful space to get the creative energy flowing and the delicious beverages certainly didn't hurt. Congratulations, Marisa, on a successful first-of-many community art classes! Thank you to those who participated in the class for allowing me to witness your magic, too!

Testimonial from Marisa

As soon as I found out that Bright Side Photography was going to be at my first ever community workshop, I knew that I was in good hands. Thankfully she was there because I personally got zero photos or videos because I was too busy. Having a photographer at work could go either way, especially if you are teaching for the first time and do not like photos of yourself (me). Without even trying Courtney / Bright Side Photography made the whole experience magical for not only her but myself, the students and the staff.

Having Courtney / Bright Side Photography Co. around to document such a vital part of my career growth, as an artist, was needed. The photos / art that was produced from a two hour period is remarkable!

I could not be more happy than I am now with the overall experience of having her around, capturing the magic effortlessly and the final products. I would 100/100 connect and collaborate with Courtney / Bright Side Photography again. I recommend her for all your services - product images, personal shoots, in-action shoots, etc. Having a safe, kind, creative and talented photographer is vital!

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Artist Statement

Marisa Nicholle Segovia (she/her/hers) is Mexican, Cherokee, German and Portuguese. I was born and raised in California’s Central Valley - Modesto, California . In 2011, I attended Modesto Junior College and then transferred to California State University Chico. In 2019, I graduated from CSUC with a double major in Studio Arts (Printmaking) and Art Education with a minor in Art History. I have since been building a home studio. This has given me the ability to continue create and experiment while I growing my knowledge in specific techniques.

I draw inspiration from my immediate surroundings - community, inanimate objects, personal history, repetition and relationships with humans. Through my art I elevate the unnoticed, bringing more attention to the beauty and history that these tangible moments hold and represent. I am primarily drawn to glass-working and printmaking, I consistently use a matrix within my work that crosses media boundaries. It is the historical background of these two mediums and the similarities within their processes as to why I am drawn to create with such techniques.