Mill Creek Resort :

Lassen National Forrest Best Kept Secret!

Being a woman that absolutely fell in love with the sierras and truly LOVED summer camp as a kid - this sweet campground / glamping / cabin renting space in Lassen national forrest is just the SWEETEST spot to spend time relaxing, connecting back with nature and SLOWING DOWN. It took me right back to feeling like I could just BE and play with nature - what a sweet treat in itself.

It's driving distance to some fun places to grab a bite or a drink while also being close to Lassen National Park - but if you're staying in the cabins they have a little stove available to you with a fridge - makes it easy to just stay put and enjoy nature! The owners, Jillian and Joseph were just the absolute kindest folks to work alongside - they had incredible staff bringing the campground to life and I can't recommend spending a few days there ANY chance you get.

I had the opportunity to do some brand photos for Mill Creek while focusing on their merchandise they have available for purchase at the lodge store on the property! The idea was to create imagery that they could use to promote what the time spent at Mill Creek looks like + highlighting one of the offerings they were hoping to increase awareness about + highlighting their merch... I think we pulled it off!

Sweet side story - One of the owners brother owned the westie van & it had been in semi retirement when Jill had the idea of using it at the resort as a unique offering... so, it was painted by Wyatt Hersey and now is an offering for adults to stay in , rather camp-in an art installation!

Knowing that the van belonged to her brother and hearing stories about the time they spent using it made for a cool surprise when her brother and his partner happened to be in town and got to come by to play models for the day. It made for some sweet memory keeping type photos also!