One of my absolute favorite ways to waste time is scrolling FB marketplace LOCAL edition, checking out all the junk people are getting rid of. It's kind of like going to the thrift store without having to leave the bathtub!

There was an ad for a deconstructed metal building on a flatbed truck that was for sale for 39 thousand dollars - I thought - WHAT IN THE WORLD. So of course, I click on it and the third photograph in there is an example of how this individual has used one of these metal buildings...and you guessed it, IT WAS A PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO! I decided to send a little note to the person who had posted the ad just to say :

"Hi there! What a dreamy studio, from a fellow photographer"

Which turned into chatting for a few minutes and was asked to share my website. Connecting with photographers locally in my town feels really important, as there is so much to learn from one another. We ended up scheduling a time to get together to tour the studio and discuss a position second shooting for a wedding.

In alignment with my word for 2023 (audacious) I went over to introduce myself, we chatted about photography and toured the studio - I left that day, excited about the future of working together. It's official ya'll , my first second shooter event is on the books!

So this is just your little reminder : always leave room for surprise. you never know what opportunities will present themselves and where you might find them!