Recently I decided to delete my entire work history from LinkedIn.

Upon building my photography business, I decided I wanted LinkedIn to be on my list of online spaces where I make intentional time to connect and discover brands that I want to work with on my content creation trips. I began scrolling and feeling SO inspired by women in the outdoor industry and the way that their profiles reflected their values and mission.

In my mind, LinkedIn was simply an online resume and allowed me to easily access information about past jobs I had or explore new positions. This "new" LinkedIn had completely changed and I felt inspired to have my profile reflect where I am CURRENTLY.

So, I deleted my entire work history.

I have held jobs that I am really proud of, that required a lot of my energy and focus to obtain. I KNOW my work history shows that I worked my way "up the ladder" to my dream job working in finance for a multi-million dollar non-profit community foundation - but it didn't reflect my devotion to my art.

When I was laid off from said dream job, I made a promise to myself to live a fully creative life.

And yes, I have a serving/bartending job I work in the evenings because it supports my ability to create my art with ease and pay my bills each month. I am proud of the two businesses I have built that allow me to share my creative gifts with the world - through my jewelry and my photography.

It feels more important to me to be recognized as an artist, rather than an accountant.


Someone that decided to devote their time and energy to creating and capturing the beauty in this world